J.R. Phillips, is a native Texan with Cherokee and Choctaw heritage.  His interest in landscape architecture and urban design comes from his family education as a steward of the land. JR’s formal education started with a BSLA from Texas A&M University and  a MLA from UTA. J.R. practices as a licensed landscape architect in Texas and California.  His experience ranges from small and large Residents, Streetscapes and Transportation Enhancements, Corporate Campus and Mixed-Use master plans, Hospitality and Healthcare master plans, as well as Municipal projects.  He is passionate about, design, the arts, education and improving the quality of life through design. J.R. also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington in the Architecture College. 


J.R.’s professional career has brought him numerous professional awards both at the state level and nationally.  While living and working in south Florida, his work and designs on the Fort Lauderdale Beach and Riverwalk earned him the ASLA/National Award of Excellence 1994 for the Fort Lauderdale Beach Revitalization and ASLA/Florida Chapter, Award of Excellence 1992, for the Riverwalk Master Plan.  Additionally, J.R. received ASLA/Texas Award of Excellence 1999, for the site design of Fox Sport Net Headquarters, in Las Colinas, Texas and as well as, AIA Award of Merit 1999, for the same Fox Sport Net Headquarters project.


As president of the Texas Chapter of the ASLA, in 2006 the funding and establishment of scholastic endowments was achieve for the three landscape architecture programs within the state; TAMU, TTU and UTA.  Further accomplishment during J.R. tenure as Texas ASLA president were establishment and funding of the TexasASLA.org website and growing the annual state conference into the first convention center venue in 2008.  J.R. was voted in as Texas ASLA Trustee in 2007 and severed to 2011. During this time he also served on the Texas ASLA Conference Advisory Committee.  In 2008, he served as conference chair. J.R. has been very active in his promotion of ASLA to the student chapters, as well.  He has served on several ASLA Student Honor & Merit Awards Jury’s to the universities.  In 2014, the Texas ASLA Chapter awarded J.R. the Distinguished Member Award.


Other pursuits during J.R.’s professional career have included writing and contributing to various professional articles in professional journals.  Each article promoted landscape architecture and discussed benefits from hiring a landscape architect.  A short list includes; Profile of an Architect: Land Planning with AutoCAD; CADENCE publications, Volume 3, Number 6, June 1988 and Transit-Oriented, Market Driven: Carrollton Intermodal Center Master Plan Jacobs Quarterly, 2008 3rd Issue (Contributing Designer).  J.R. also participated in a community outreach program called HGTV “LANDSCAPERS’ CHALLENGE”, episode “Barbecue Haven”, participant landscape architect; March 2005, Lantana, Texas.  J.R.’s artwork has also been exhibited in Texas at various gallery showings and ASLA conferences.  In 2009 at the National ASLA Conference in Chicago, J.R. was invited by the Cultural Landscape Foundation Annual Silent Auction to contribute one of his artworks.  J.R.‘s artwork website is www.FineArtAmerica.com 

studio.Osda, a USA, Texas company founded in 2008, is a landscape architecture, urban design and planning firm. At studio.Osda our studio environ is highly flexible and non-hierarchical in order to free us up to focus on projects and clients.  Designs are pinned up on the walls, details are debated, research is dug into, creativity flows freely.  It’s how we stay on top of evolving aesthetics and technical solutions and continue to attract fresh talent.  Times change. Designs change. The motivation of a designer must not. 


Our passion is to design memorable places and sights on earth.  Our people are always looking for ways to infuse their work with new ideas, to be inspired by the best and inspire others in return.  The best way to know the lay of the land is to start by respecting it.  At studio.Osda, our respect for the planet and, specifically, the communities for which we design runs deeper than a turn of a phrase or a nicely crafted press release.  Our planners and designers begin by seeing what is natural and sustainable. Our mission?

It’s to orchestrate land uses that reduce transportation costs; make high-density projects livable; integrate architecture with the landscape in ways that optimize natural heating and cooling; save on the use and costs of water, energy, and other resources; create green environments that provide social amenities; and conserve natural open space and habitat for future generations.  Nature is the ultimate example of great design. All of our people have a deep appreciation for the land and are committed to environmental and economic sustainability.

Landscape Architect/Urban Designer


Osda translates literally from Tsalagi, the written language of the Cherokee, as ‘good.’ Our name pays tribute to J.R. Phillips’ Cherokee heritage. Richer, gently nuanced, the Cherokee language has variants of osda that are inclusive; id-osda means good as well, but for all, including you. 


That is what studio.Osda seeks to accomplish; moving beyond just design and instead, translating ideas and vision into tangible experiences that are good for all. 

We decode a developer’s  ambition to alter public spaces. We convert the desire of a city into shared places. We transform ideas into drawings. And from drawings emerge soil and concrete, steel and flowers, outdoor spaces and livable cities.  We translate desire into the greater good—and you’re included.

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