MacGartland Residence

Pensacola, Florida

Large palms and Mediterranean style architecture in Florida go together.  However, in Pensacola, the winters do get cold, and this limited the range of palm species available.  At first, local residents said Washingtonian Palms would never live through the winters in Pensacola.  However, the Florida State agencies said they would grow.  Hence the selection of Washingtonian Palms.  However, local availability was non-existent.  Trips to south Florida were required to tag the quality of palms necessary to complement this home.


Within 2 weeks of finishing the landscape installation a hurricane with 80 mph, sustained winds hit the house: the palms never moved.  Since 1997, the winters have never killed the palms, either.  After the hurricane a dune revegetation program was started. Dune walkovers were designed and built. Mr. Phillips completed this project in 1997.

Phelps Residence

Westlake, Texas

The residential site was 22 acres in size.  The house that was being built for the Phelps family was very large. As well, the site improvements were extensive.  One of the main features of the site was a large pool that incorporated a grotto and a long slide from the top of the grotto.  Inside the grotto, Phillips designed a whirlpool, flat screen TV, and seating around the whirlpool.  A 'lazy river' was part of the overall design of the large pool. Phillips designed the lazy river to flow through the grotto.

Construction started in 2016.

Dyer Residence

Vaquero, Texas

Part of this luxury Texas golf community, elegant homes are being built.  Phillips teamed with one of the few builders approved to build in Vaquero to design the site and landscape on this residence.  The homeowner wanted a pool, outdoor kitchen, practice golf greens, and whirlpool/spa.  Phillips designed the pool to have an infinity edge that spilled over a 48" high sheet of clear acrylic that was over 30 feet long.

The practice golf greens used high quality artificial grass.  In the front yard, an old Oak tree was saved by routing the sidewalk around the outside of the drip line.  Project was completed in 2016.

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